The Inventive Invitations

This month Quirky Tower has been in quarantine with the pox….chicken pox actually as our youngest has been infected! Once the worst was over however we used the time to plan her 6th birthday party.  Em loves to share what she’s been doing with you, so this is her blog about making the invitations.  As usual, the words are hers…I just help a bit with the typing.

How to Make An Invitation

Hello everybody.  Today I’m making my own invitations for my birthday party in July.  We thought you might like to make some too, so just follow the instructions and then you will know.

First you need to cut some card.   I am having an under the sea party so we used blue card.  Measure the envelope first so then you know how big to put it in.

The next thing you need is some double sided tape if you have some.  If not then use some glue.  You need to put the tape on the card like this.

Then we used a guillotine and some deckle edged scissors to make the sand from some sandpaper.  You can use any sandpaper.  The deckle scissors make the sandpaper look really like the sand at the bottom of the sea.

Then you need to draw the seaweed and the archway on the invitations.  You can colour it in if you want to.  I used different colours of glitter pens and mummy helped.

The next day we woke up and we cut out grey rocks from grey felt.  You could use any colour.   Next you put some double-sided tape on them, then you peel the tape off and stick it on the card.

You can do any animal but I am having a jellyfish.  If you are not good at drawing them then go to google and find jellyfish images.  Then pictures of jellyfish will come up.

Then you can use the arrows to go up or down until you get to the bottom of the page.  When you find a picture you like then click on it.   If you just wanted some colour ideas then don’t click on it.  You  can use  any colour.

We used holographic card for the head and ribbon for the tentacles.  Draw some circles on the card then cut the circles out and cut them into semi-circles.  Use double sided sticky tape and stick it on the back at the bottom of the semi-circle.  Then stick the ribbon on the sticky bit to make the tentacles.  When you have finished doing that then put an extra layer of double-sided sticky tape on top of the ribbon.  Then peel the backing paper off – don’t worry if you miss a bit – then stick the animal onto the card.  If the tentacles are too long then cut them.  If you want to draw some fish on the invitations.

You need some googly eyes and stick them on the card.  Then leave the glue to dry.  Then if your animal is saying a speech bubble and you have printed it out then cut them out and stick them on.  Do the smile on the jellyfish with a 3-D glitter pen and then leave them to dry.

Next you have to do the information on the back.  If the smiles are not dry then just wait and print the information out.  We used a background paper which was blue.  Then we did the information.  It is where, what number your house is, where you live and when your birthday is.  Then you tell your friends or the people that you have invited what time the party is.  Make sure you include an RSVP.  Stick this on the back of your invitations.

The you have finished your invitations.