Wonderful Wales

I have so many happy memories of holidaying in Wales in the ’70s and ’80s and most of them feature my Nan and Grandpa.  Most of these childhood holidays were spent in the area around Porthmadog and Harlech, but we also holidayed in Pembrokeshire which I instantly fell in love with.  This year, we managed to return to St Bride’s Bay  – a place which I first visited 30 years ago.

Earlier this summer I was lucky enough to win a photography course with the wonderful Lyndsey James.  A heavy work schedule had left little time to practice what I’d learned, so I was determined to spend time on holiday trying to get better. I know I’ve got a long way to go yet, but here’s some of the photos I was most proud of.  Constructive comments welcome!

I love the way Em is looking at the splashes she is making.

The view across the beach.

Part way through the week I discovered the black and white setting on the camera.

Someone call me Makka Pakka!

This one’s a candidate for framing.

You wouldn’t believe how many shots it took before I got one of the waves that I was happy with.

Using the “sunset” setting for the first time.

This was actually mid-afternoon!

And finally….. really, really special memories.